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The museum (location, building)

The National Museum of Musical Instruments is housed in Palazzina Samoggia. The building is part of the "Prince of Piedmont" barracks, situated next to the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, in an area of extraordinary archaeological importance. In fact, an imperial villa once stood in this area, whose construction was started at the beginning of the third century AD under Emperor Septimius Severus. The complex included the Amphitheatrum Castrense, which is still well preserved and found to the right of the basilica, the Circus Varianus, and the Imperial Palace (or Sessoriano), where the Empress Helena, mother of Constantine, chose to set up residence at the beginning of the IV century. It was also during this century that the atrium of the building was transformed into a Christian basilica, where the relics of the True Cross found by Helena in Jerusalem were brought.
After 1870, the land belonging to the monastery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem was expropriated in order to build one of the largest barracks in Italy. Named after the king, Umberto I, they were known as the "Prince of Piedmont" barracks. Completed in 1903, they consisted of three elegant buildings in an eclectic style arranged in a horseshoe, and were dedicated to three heroic grenadiers who fell in the Great War. The Casermetta Setti, which had been irreparably damaged during the Second World War, was demolished in 1960. The Casermetta Capocci is now home to the Cinema and Live Entertainment directorates of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.
The Casermetta Samoggia has housed, since 1964, the collection of musical instruments owned by the tenor Evan Gorga. Initially spread over a number of different storage spaces, the collection was officially opened to the public ten years later with the inauguration of the National Museum of Musical Instruments.

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